No One Else

by Fugue

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released December 18, 2015

Fugue is Jordan Brown, Jacob Brown, and Garrett La Bonte. All songs written and performed by Fugue. Recorded by Andrew Schubert at Golden Beat Recording Studio in the city of Los Angeles. Assistant engineer: Travis "Teacup" Pavur. Produced by Fugue and Andrew Schubert. Mixed by Nik Karpen. Mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios.

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Fugue Yorba Linda, California

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Track Name: By & By
So here we are, counting time. Suspending notes, forgetting lines. “You know it's just a release, a way to feel more alive?” Now we feel much less real, like some words strung in a line. We just want to get those crucial hits to be what you like. I know you; you'll come around. Just don't let me down, let me down. I'll be you; I won't let you down. You see yourself and what you've made, Because everything just goes away in time. You see yourself: you're what they made. Just run with that guitar, boy, and live with that fame. You will never be a tasteful choice; you got to drop that weight, change that voice. Keeping things sacred is just so not what it used to be, am I right? It's the biggest deal of your life, so please don't let me down. You're going to be something more, so much more. By-and-by, the heads will roll. But in the end, there's no control. "I know they're not as good as they used to be, but this might be the last chance I'll get. So I'm going to dance until it's all done." I just want it to end, but you don't want it to end. So I'm going to write a song you might like. I cut, I twist, I pry, I outlast everything; but don't you get it? It's everything I can't describe. Call it a joke; call it a lie.
Track Name: The Quiet Ones
You like tell me that my reasons why are nothing more than a little lie. Why I left makes no sense to you; it's just the truth, believe like you should. You say you'll come back, but like every honest man, they don't. But when it's all deranged and wrong, you will go on. But I, I am amongst the ones who must be quiet and unsung. It's there in those four walls that I'd want you to be, but I know this cannot be because you don't believe in me. But I think with some time, we can make that change. I don't love you for who you are, but for what you can become. That old defiler comes through those doors. It's never clear what he wants more. Though I'm clearly made to shout and boast, it's the quiet ones that mean the most. These cuts in my hands, they don't ever bleed. But when it's all said and done, I can't go on. Because I, I'm the only one who cared to think, who did any wrong.
Track Name: Drone
He awakes with open eyes. He looks down at the world in his hand. "What happened last night?" he says, “what did I miss? What matters today?" Out of bed, he still stares at other lives, other glimpses than his. The deeper he falls into it all, and that's when he felt the most alive. Don't look back. I swear, nothing stays the same. Don't look back. Like a movie, like a heritage parade: it's all waves and fades. And he kept moving on into a world contrasted and compared. Through the light and the dark, in his window it all looks grey. He took a moment to look up, and see the blue skies of that day. "How could they fear blue skies and want grey skies? How is that a thing anyway?" But it's alright. In the city's lights, he finds something to hide. But it's no use; we won't sit idly by. In the city's lights, she finds her own demise. But it's okay; we won't sit idly by. In the city's lights, we find nothing at all. But in the end, we'll just sit by and watch it all fall apart.
Track Name: Keeping Face
Back and forth, you'll stand for anything that looks nice. And you know, it's all a game to play in that empty space, that sympathetic shrine. And I'm ranting; my apologies. Stay in place. Keep your face. It's something worth keeping straight. And you show, showed almost everything we keep so sure, so sacred not even I should say a word. Yet I'm ranting, and I'm sorry. And you're coming around. Tell me more when you feel that sound. It's in a way a birthed decay; something not complete. I'll ask this once, not to play but alternate. I don't want to be right, if not for stimulation. You're looking so strong, yet you move to-and-fro. Is this a joke? Because I don't feel like laughing. I'm coming around. Don't you recognize that's something?
Track Name: Think
Don't try to think that anything's okay. It's hard to say what we've made is a change. Hey, don't wait. Time: it's just pain. Pain, though tame, it's all our shame. She's out in the street. No one sees he's on the brink. Blinded by what we think, it's the way to cheat. You see the mess in me. I see the mess in you. It's something we don't show. It's something we don't know. Don't try to think that you're anything then what you are. Don't say those words; you sound like you're someone else.
Track Name: Guest
Case and point and. What's the point to your own case? You won't complain when it all pays off. You are a guest in my place of work of my own design. How may I help you? But I'm not saying that you need help, alright? I played the game. I did what I was told would pay. How could I doubt the ones that fed me for so long? Well, doubt's a word too easily used. You are a guest in my place of work of my own demise. How may I fill that void that your life? I can't be sure that I’ll do a good job. Case and point and. A guest, I guess.
Track Name: Loss
The eyes open, but everything’s still black. Body floating, but certainly sinking. Heart is stalling, but the mind races. This could be Abaddon, but the devil’s so kind. Sensing are fading off, because the lack of any light. “This can’t be, no, not one of those cases.” Lift your hands towards the sky, convinced that you are still alive. Piling on so strong, like you’re going to sleep. “My body’s high and dry, you can’t convince me otherwise.” Freezing arctic dreams. Weeping solar beams. Steam on frigid streams; what did it all ever mean? Effortless empty minds. Careless malevolent lies. Sharpless bitter eyes. Drowning under ink black skies. “You feeling alright?” Look up at those stars, and how faint they are. They aren’t just meant to distract, but as the drug that keeps me awake. Deep in those ink black skies. “But it feels good. So good.” “Well, I can’t tell what it is” I refuse to see the darkness.
Track Name: Macondo (The Bitter Ones)
Into the light, future looks on the site of where she and her family have thrived. Such a home, something so pure and right. Such a shame it's all meant to die. Then the world came in. Bought that state of mind. The one where everyone wants a try. The bitter ones want it their own way. Future was right. Better when you die.