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Drew Newton
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Drew Newton Some really awesome ideas fleshed out on this EP. I will be looking for anything released in the future for sure. Favorite track: Rumors.
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released January 11, 2013

recorded and mixed by M. Woodward
mastered by W. Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios
photo taken C. Palomarez
all songs written and performed by J. Brown, J. Brown, and G. La Bonte

cassette tape by Fineprint Records. Order here -> www.fineprintrecords.bigcartel.com/product/fugue-s-t-cassette

Thank you: J. and Holli Brown, Ryan La Bonte, Jason Brown, Madison Woodward, Eric Aliberti, Christopher Gordon, Cole Prentice and Black Pelican, Layman, Creatures, Higley, and to you for listening.



all rights reserved


Fugue Yorba Linda, California

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Track Name: Rumors
But I said no a good few years ago. I don’t want to fight a war while others just bathe in it. Well silly it may seem to you, because it definitely is to me. Well just keep laughing it up, because at least I’ll be here by my own free will and choice.

Here I am in this place I don’t want to be. Here I am in this place I didn’t plan to be. I step up to walk out and something grabs me and says, “it’ll be fine.”

Well hello and goodbye at the same time. Stick around for a while why dont ya? Or, this may be the time that you want to leave.

C’mon, c’mon.
Track Name: Arrive Alive
Someone told a lie, because this does not appear right. A man just lost his life, and everybody walks on with no strife. I wonder about the wife; is she aware, and does she feel alright? "Doctor, doctor, am I going to die? I can't feel my hands and all I see is light."

"Now what of his estate?" "I hope he left all riches and no waste." "What did he do that's great?" "A few good kids and some bills to be paid."

"Doctor, doctor, is it time? I told my kids that I'd arrive alive."
Track Name: Loss
The eyes open, but everything’s still black. Body floating, but certainly sinking. Heart is stalling, but the mind races

This could be Abaddon, but the devil’s so kind. Sensing are fading off, because the lack of any light. “This can’t be, no, not one of those cases.”

Lift your hands towards the sky, convinced that you are still alive. Piling on so strong, like you’re going to sleep. “My body’s high and dry, you can’t convince me otherwise.”

Freezing arctic dreams. Weeping solar beams. Steam on frigid streams; what did it all ever mean? Effotless empty minds. Careless malevolent lies. Sharpless bitter eyes. Drowning under ink black skies.

“You feeling alright?”

Look up at those stars, and how faint they are. They aren’t just meant to distract, but as the drug that keeps me awake.

Deep in those ink black skies.

“But it feels good. So good.”
“Well, I can’t tell what it is”

I refuse to see the darkness.